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Digital transformation projects that...

...Unify teams and departments

Provide bespoke, perfect-fit tools which align teams around common business goals. Cut across silos, foster collaboration and remove conflict and blame points between teams

...Unlock and surface hidden data

Get end-to-end visibility and control of your supply chains. Make decisions based on real data, head off problems before they happen.

...Stop teams drowning in admin

Release pressure on people and teams by automating common tasks and removing duplication of effort. Costs and errors are reduced, and job satisfaction is increased.

...Optimise workflows

Open new areas of revenue, and increase ROI by cleaning up and maximising processes. Understand and actively manage resourcing, allowing you to scale as needed.

The 4 stages of digital transformation

1. Insight

Understand business goals and current end to end processes, identify digital wins.

2. Spike

Rapid prototyping with real data to validate business cases and understand underlying technology.

3. Ignite

Design and start using the first version of your new digital operational tools.

4. Evolve

Use analytics and behaviour analysis to drive more digital wins and operartional improvements.

Why it works

No huge requirements documents to write

Once the business goals are defined and the end-to-end processes understood, we work directly with you and the end users to discover the optimal solution.

Dedicated and experienced teams

Award-winning user experience design and certified AWS Solutions Architects and Engineers, all with extensive experience in digital operations transformation.

Fully managed service

No burden on your IT department, we run your operational tools as managed services. Fully supported, maintained, resilient to downtime and with full and regularly tested disaster recovery plans.

Integrate with your current platforms and data

Leverage your existing and legacy platforms and data sources (including spreadsheets & SAP).

Minimal time overhead

Allocate a product owner for less than 4 hours a week. We provide a dedicated Adviser who will guide you though the entire process, including launch, on-boarding and post-launch support.

Short project cycles

Large projects are broken down. No big bangs, no huge deployments. No nasty last minute surprises. We take the risk out of change.

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