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Openly works with you to create made-to-measure software that frees your staff to innovate and grows with your business

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How it works

1. We listen to you

Tell us what you want to achieve and fix in your business. We'll sit down with your staff and devise a digital strategy to fit their needs. You don't have to write us a brief.

How long? 1 hour

2. You test a prototype

We build a test platform for your staff to try out, with us on hand to help and listen. We'll mould the software to fit the way you use it - and in response to your feedback.

How long? 1-2 weeks

3. We build your software

Now we build the real thing. By the time we deliver your bespoke platform, we've tested it thoroughly and you've helped create it, so there are no surprises in store.

How long? 1-3 months

4. We manage and maintain

Our relationship doesn't end on delivery. We'll continue to manage your software and evolve it to fit your needs. Your business doesn't stand still, and nor should your tech.

How long? Forever

Want to know more? Here's the official Openly FAQ, where we answer your most frequently asked questions.

How you'll benefit from a digital workplace

Save time and money

Stop wasting expensive hours on repetitive tasks and IT trouble. We'll automate your workflow so you can deliver faster and better.

Get more from your team

We'll ensure your technology works for your staff, not against them. Free your people to innovate, communicate and deliver.

Know your tech

We build your system in collaboration with you, putting you back in control of your workplace tech. We'll even migrate all your existing data for you.

Unlock your data

We'll make your data much easier to understand. Our real-time reporting turns your data back into a reliable, powerful decision-making tool.

Build on what you know

We won't force your staff to re-learn from the ground up. We'll minimise disruption by using your existing databases and familiar services wherever possible.

Break new ground

Stop running to catch up - and start innovating to beat the competition. Our digital systems will free you to innovate, expand and reach new customers.

Why Openly?

We've got the best software engineering minds in the business - skilled, energetic and innovative. We know our stuff, but you know best what suits your business. That's why we work with you to create custom-made digital operations that fit you perfectly.

We'll build your system from the ground up, staying constantly in touch so you're always in control. We'll never blind you with jargon or impose products on you.

We're reliable and cost-effective, and you'll love our attitude.

But don't take our word for it - here's what our clients think.

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