Openly client case study: global fashion brand

One of our more chic clients wanted more efficient workplace tech - and ended up turning their staff into superheroes

If you work for one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, you're going to be pretty proud of your job. You don't just want to succeed, you really want to fly. And you can only do that if your workplace tech is up to scratch.

The brand - which asks not to be named in marketing material, and we'll respect that wish - is a big name with a proud history, healthy revenues and a very glossy public face. But thanks to its outdated behind-the-scenes tech, its employees were wading through treacle just to meet targets for basic tasks like getting products onto the website. It was costing millions of pounds a year in lost sales.

Rather than throw more staff at the problem, company bosses knew the right technology could fix it. They'd already looked for an off-the-shelf solution, but the only product that came close would require a change in their working processes - and that's a big no-no for a big brand. Actually, it should be a no-no for all companies. Every organisation has its own way of doing things that isn't the same as its peers. You don't want some ready-made program forcing you to change that. Our client wanted software to work around their processes, their people and their identity - not the other way round.

So that was the basic problem Openly was brought in to fix - and in doing so, we unlocked ambition and great ideas within the team. We're currently testing the new platform with the employees, and the process of testing the software has given them more ideas about what they can use it for - ideas they couldn't have anticipated right at the beginning.

Our software won't just help staff get products online and meet department targets. With their help and suggestions, we're creating a platform that enables them to work on big ideas and innovations that'll help the company trounce its rivals. They've realised they can do anything, because their tech is now working for them, not against them.

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